The summary


How do we see the signs that guides us to the correct path? The answer is by purity. We don’t see that with a focused mind, or a sensitive eye. We see it with a pure heart that knows who the creator is. The creator is the one and the only one who created everything. Has no son and no father. We follow him, then he leads us with his light.

The universe is full of signs. Worshiping the true creator makes us metaphysical by connecting our souls to the universe.   In the metaphysical world, we lie, a stone hits our head instantly, or we cut our finger while cooking, or sometimes we even hear a whisper telling us not to do this again. We do good, we get rewarded instantly, or we wait until a big reward comes after a hard time. We ask the creator, we know that he will answer. We work in the machine until we reach the creator in the heavens. Or we don’t reach him and go to hell. We pass or fail.  This is the purpose of  life on earth in case someone needs to know!

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