Then you win


What makes a royal royal? What is a royal family? Is it the power and money that made this family? Blood?

We should all know that the earth belongs to the creator, and he assigns who will rule. Each land in it belongs to no one but him. His generosity gives the opportunity to various people to rule. The test for this is to know the good and the evil. What will they do with the power that they earned. Do they know that it can be taken from them in a second? In the movies and many other cases, the evil rules first because when they fail, a replacement of a better quality and values will always appear. This makes the story of the movie much more nicer and logical.  Those who will rule at the end are the people who speak the truth. The creator will always plant the truth in one of the good people. Neither the power nor the money will stop the truth from spreading.

Under the umbrella of the illuminati, we conclude the Zionists, the Masons, the corrupted governments from America to the Middle East and few other entities. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are just innocent from all of this. However, the influence is deep. These groups do nothing but destruction and worshiping the devil. Imagine your government is associated with this, what kind of a loyal citizen are you?

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