The disabilities of power


A star that does not move can not be a human because people move all the time. Unless they are the great ones with disabilities who will get back on their feet. Even if they don’t, know if something is taken, another thing is earned. Believe in yourself and know that you may change the whole world with your disability. Know that everyone has a disability, but ones are obvious and others are hidden.

The stars that don’t move are those to die for, those who shine like starts. An actual star can be a human, only if he or she shines amongst a million of other stars. So, stay static in silence as much as you can to become one of them stars. Meditate, think then create! This won’t need but your mind and the correct way to control it.

Observe the actual stars, look for the static ones, look for the cities that shine like stars. Jerusalem for example. Know if the stars  amongst the humans  managed to move everywhere, they will rule the cities that shine like the stars.


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