A space odyssey


Stars do communicate with us. Observers understand that stars are made to guide us through our journey. Stars are also a guard that prevent those who try to leave the earth boundaries and enter the skies through their gates. These stars turn into  flames of fire that hits everyone who tries to reach the sky, or listen to what is beyond. Everyone!   Those who live on earth. Who lives on earth except humans? Are there any beings that we don’t see? Beings that live within earth but on a different dimension?  They are called Jinn in the Quran. NASA called them the greys and they tried to convince the people that they are from space. Space as a wrong term is the space is not in a space state, it is a sky, and 7 skies, with a different beings living there, full of water, rivers and seas. It is stated clearly in the Quran that no one can across the gates of the sky unless there is a bless and a permission from the creator. A matter that belongs to the end of time. Some scholars explained the verse Al Rahman 55:33, that the permission can be the science that people learned as they don’t learn unless the creator wants them to learn. However, I believe that the science that we have achieved does not allow us to travel to space ( the sky). I believe, and that is my personal inspiration from the Quran, that the only way to fly to space is through gates, Ghaafir 40:37.


Gates that allow objects to teleport from a place to another, maintaining time and the physical nature of the transported object.  Did our spaceships resist the heat that can melt the iron, the heat existed beyond the ozone layer?  History is telling us that the only way to achieve the interstellar and travel through space is to teleport through the gates of the stars. A great example the the miracle of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and how he traveled from the gate of Jerusalem to the seventh sky. The idea behind all of this is that the creator is teaching us that entering the sky requires faith and true communication to the creator regardless to the knowledge that we have. Humans did some experimentations of teleportation. Indeed, they may succeed to run part of these experiments but with bad results such as losing lives, and other damages as we are unaware of the other dimensions within our universe. It is a knowledge that is beyond our capacity of understanding. A great fail was the Philadelphia experiment.


Similar gates are also available within earth boundaries. I personally feel the location of one of these gates at  Antarctica.  These gates grant us the access to the other dimensions within earth.   In the Holy Quran, Al Naml 27:40, the verse explains the teleportation phenomenon of the man who brought the throne of Balqis to prophet Solomon within less than a blink. The verse explains that this man had a special knowledge given by a bless from the creator which is the knowledge of the book.  Teleportation is indeed a true weapon, and perhaps this might be the reason of all the lies that we receive from different space agencies and governments. The beast (Dajal), will be using teleportation. He use it to create the illusions to mislead  people from the right path. The beast is alive and preparing his plan to concur. The only way to escape is to have faith in the only creator, the one with no son and no father.

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The end of time is near. But do time ends? Yes if we distinguish the time of earth from other times in the universe. Or even the times that exist beyond this universe that we live in. One of the first signs that tells us about the end of time is the appearance of Prophet Mohammed 1400 years ago. What else do people need to understand that the resurrection is real. Do they need another live example that the creator is capable of resurrecting ? Are we working for the judgment day, or all what we care about is how much we earn for living? or to follow our desires? Here is a global warning from a global disaster that will effect every human being on earth. A full star is about to hit planet earth. Not a remain of it, but the whole star. Then, the atmosphere will be filled with a smoke that torture mankind except the believers who will survive with the support from the creator. This is to say that the beginning of the post apocalyptic era will begin, where technology becomes a remain, and vehicles become horses and other basic forms of transportation. Technology will exist then, but not on the hands of everyone. What is needed for you is just to believe, this might happen today  or tomorrow!

The biggest problem that we face is our ego that made us think that everything was created through man kind, seeking for the scientific evidence  denying our spiritual  creation. Understand that scientific  achievements and conclusions can be incorrect while the knowledge from the sky is alway right. If we contradict with the holy book, indeed we are wrong!

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Imagination, religon, and science for a better future

In the theory of constructivism, Piaget discussed the proper method to achieve concrete knowledge amongst children. In this post, we tell you to think about the concrete knowledge required for adults!  Do you think that the Information Age is the leading era for gaining the best kind of knowledge of all times? If so, how the pyramids were made? think about some ancient technologies that we still don’t understand how  they existed.  The answer to these questions perhaps will rely on the credibility and the purity of the sources of information that we learn from, the kinds of experiences that we face, our ethical values, the thinking boundaries and limitations in the freedom of creations because of governments, and most importantly our connection to the creator. Indeed learning the knowledge of the sky is way advanced than the knowledge created by man on earth.


We (the people),  not the governments, should think that governments and the so called politicians with their beloved media, are the only reason to cause the collapse of civilization. Religion was excluded from schools and became a negative old stories from the past so devil worshipers can proceed  in their plan. Think about making legal marriage a difficult task whilst easing gay marriage. Think about the laws of abortion. Killing an innocent  soul that  you did not create!!!  Understand the concept of predictive programming to know how  governments are continuously  brain washing the citizens.

You still talk about knowledge? There is word called revolution if someone is really seeking for a better development and freedom. The name that you hold is literally  a name that belongs to the government  of the country that you live in.  Every learning we achieve, or a work we produce was made for the government,  and controlled by them. When they tell you print your name in CAPITALS, this means that you have signed a contract with the devil who will control you for eternity. If a police man stops you and you refuse to give your name, or even you decide not to answer any question, the police man has no right to apply his law on you, nor to stop you. This works on courts too. Simply because you did not sign the contract and the verbal agreement at the beginning. So ask yourself, what kind of a corrupted law that we live in? a law that commands  the rich to be richer and the poor to be poorer? A law that distinguishes the people by race? A law that  fights crime by committing another crime? This is not an eye for an eye case. This is a case that says, I raised you to be bad, please be one so I can apply my rules on you to show you that I have authority and also so I can add some profits. Not every government  is like this indeed, but the ones that no one can deny  their evil.

The revolution is led by saying the truth. Telling the right approach to achieve the knowledge that will be required for the near future is part of the right revolution . We need to exclude the evil governments from the map because simply we are the law. It’s about time that the law achieves purity. People are the law. People will prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction. There will be a government of the future. However, it acts as a facilitator  that organizes a systematic method to share decisions and opinions. Decision  making is based on the law of the creator  which can be found in his book. Then comes the filtered opinions of the people and how they may be executed. This is the law of the people, ruled by the creator who owns earth, sky, and everything within.

People should know that everything is possible if they find the way to use all the capacity of their brains, not just that 7%. People should upgrade their imaginative capabilities so they can have a 1 tera brain, not an 8 bit one. Yes we can and yes we combine science with religion. They never contradict and don’t believe everything you read from the media. Remember that fake news are the good ones. Know that most of what we hear or read are lies. So what is next? We need to work on ourselves. We need this upgrade. First, we need to understand the first law that blends us with the  creator. It’s the law of religion. This law  enables our souls  to listen to our surroundings. This is to receive endless guidance from one source through everything. The one source is indeed the creator and everything  can be the people, media, nature, or even some whispers from an unseen beings. The creator then sends you the messages that you need by telling you look at this, it is made for you. You think about something, He sends the answers to you through the tung of a child. To gain this power, you need to know who the real creator is. He is not a human. He is the one and only God. He does not have a son nor a father. He is the one who created everything, and sent his prophets to deliver this one simple massage and it is strange that people still do not get it. Well, if you apply what is written in this post and you don’t get this power, then rethink again. Know that this does not happen instantly, but through a continuous practice of science, religion and meditation.


Second, bring the bank of images, dreams, and thoughts in your brain to the reality. What do you need to imagine and practice? The stories in the holy books  are the best stories ever. They were written for us so we learn from them, and also to practice the wisdoms in them.  How? the knowledge we gain in earth is totally different than the knowledge that we receive from the sky. Think about the first thought or image that comes to you. From where did it come from?  How can we combine what we see with the available science of today? “My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there  is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists”- Nikola Tesla

Third, if you don’t become metaphysical as described above, you need to find the religion  that enables you to do so. Then you will need to practice this religion the right way. This is a great challenge by itself as almost no one is practicing religion the right way, but the few who were blessed by the creator.  The misconception of religion was caused through a massive negative effect by  the devil worshipers. We conclude the masons, the illuminati, the zionists and similar groups.    This is not strange, it is the truth.

We learned from all the miracles of the prophets that everything is possible as long as we believe in the one and only creator. These miracles were created to support the prophets as well to convince the people of the existence  of god. Jesus was able to bring back the dead after the permission of god, as well he has many other powers such as talking since he was in his cradle. His creation by itself is a miracle, following the story of virgin marry. He is just one of god’s prophets that we all must believe in his message. Prophet Mohammed and his miracle of reaching the last sky and the gate of the heavens. Moses and his 9 miracles to Pheron. David and the power of the iron, learning that god has given him the ability to melt iron to create weapons and such. Solomon and his connection to the unknown. Ibrahim and Joseph and their visions. Noah and the inspiration of creation to save humanity. All these prophets and many others had one common massage to deliver and that is to follow one god regardless to the method and religion. This is a basic law of how we should look at the universe. So, what is our connection to all of this?  it is not just there for us to believe in it, it is also there so we know that miracles can happen at all times. There was a time, muslim scholars used to fly or walk on water. They were not prophets but they were practicing religion the right way. Now, this is the era of telepathy and telekinesis. The way this can be done is through upgrading the brain and energy. This can’t be done without feeding the soul and body with the right knowledge and faith.


So what happened? why we are way behind? In sum, postmodernism killed science and encouraged arts in a negative way. Today, the engineer will become the artist. Anthony Giddens, in his book ” the consequences of modernity” 1967. He emphasized that the target behind forcing modernity is to separate time and space. It is true that it disappeared as claimed, but its effects are obviously remaining! Why there is no art like the arts of Leonardo da Vinci, ask those who invented the so called “Dark ages”, escaping from nature is nothing but weakness that leads to the illness of the brain. Modernity and postmodern is indeed one of the greatest works of the devil.

May your imagination be the future, and your reality is the past and present that was designed by your imagination to build the future!

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