Little boy worshipped as god

Here is this boy with a gifted power, worshipped as god. A culture that inherited their beliefs over the years, and insisted to do so.  The ignorance about the creation of the universe, the laws of god is indeed the key that derives the people the worship one of god’s creations, whether a person or a element such as fire.  As this Indian village lacks knowledge and awareness, they can’t be blamed until a guidance is revealed for them.

People need to understand that they can not warship a person who lives on earth, dies on earth, and knows none about the process of creations. The creator  is capable of creating all sorts of things and different kinds of humans. Humans with super powers and miracles are created for a wisdom and reasons that we might not understand. So ask yourself, who created earth and the skys?  If you still seek for the truth, ask the creator to reveal it for you.

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