High hopes and big dreams


Dream big and know everything is possible if you keep thanking the one who created you, and the whole universe. Thank him for every bless he gave to you.

Our dream is to live in a farm, and take care of the sheep, protect them, and make them learn. Then off to space. Away from the pollution and corruption. “Place is security, Space is freedom” Tuan.

Tuan (1975) said place is this part that adds to space true meanings and cultural understanding built by the experience of the individual. Dourish (2006) said that space is something we can only encounter after words. “Space is freedom and possibility, place is comfort and security” Bob Henderson (2001). Tuan ( 1975) proved to the world that natural place is a major contributor to gain systematic knowledge, only through the real world. Aldo Leopold, you should know this man, feared that ” education and culture have become synonymous with landlessness. So, to more artificial is you your environment, the more it is controlled to limit your knowledge and cause you disorders!

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