The star of David

The Star of David represents a special power and authority given by god.   The people of Israel used to be the selected ones who were granted the power of this star in the era of David and Solomon, but it was just for the prophets no one else, and the star does not represent anyone any more. There is no relationship between this star and the Israel of today whatsoever. There is no relationship between the Judaism of today with the original one. The question then why the star represents the Israel? It’s not the base of Judaism but indeed it is the symbol of the zionist regime. The books say, there will be a time where this star will shine again. As things will be put back in their place and Muslims will start to pray in Jerusalem again.

As for now, Israel should find a different flag, something with a skull at least. This voodoo they do is indeed the accumulative denial of the message of David and Solomon. Did not gain anything but learning the magic presented by the demons who served King Solomon. In case you don’t know,   the reason behind inventing the term “the greys”  and convincing people that there are aliens from space, is to misslead the people about what the reality behind the secrets of Voodoo and Black magic, and hiding what is called Jinn.  Again Look at NASA and their statements to notice the evil within them 🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲


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