Wake up

The revolution in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and mass destruction in Iraq and Syria, all of that is nothing but a part of an older plan by the evil of the world. They know that such an area with one religion and one speaking language, may rule the whole world. They think all is running accordingly, not knowing that god is watching. Imagine one family caused all of this. One family that controls 60% of the US government. Their concept of being a royal blood means spreading poisons of food to you, and killing more people to free earth for them. They funded war world 1 and 2 and they are now preparing for the 3rd one. Isn’t the US government so evil? A corrupted system that needs immediate replacement. It’s not your call, it’s your last call before it is too late. It is about time to see an American revolution. Imagine a president like Bill Gates. Such a personality will reject the offer, but his mentality is what you need. No more puppets, liars, idiots and criminals. You have the brain and wake up. Stand up for your right, sing that song😳

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