Evil of the world

This family, the one that controls America, you need to burn them before they burn you. You do this by withdrawing all your money from their banks. Before they kill the dollar then you will cry!

In the holy Quran, there is an example for everything that happened, never happened, or will happen. Reading the Quran is a free invitation to gain real wisdom. Know that history is always repeated in relative way. The example of the Rothschild family in the Quran is explained in the story of Qarun. Want to know what may happen, read the full story in the Quran.

A great example of Trump is explained in Al Masad 111:1. God created Trump with this red orange looking face 🍊, so we know that with his appearance, major events will happen in the near future. A civilisation will rise, another will fall. History is repeated in a relative way as the coming wars were pictured in Surat Al room 30:1

And after all, the verse above explains it all .

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  1. […] You never force a system, system forces your idiotic decision so a greater balance of good and evil can be implemented correctly. It gives the evil a long time to operate so the good can take it […]


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