More space agencies


The European Space Agency plans to start mining for natural resources on the moon. It’s not strange to even see the whole world planning for envading the moon. Even with denying the fact that we have no enough info about the moon, and still in denial about all the moon landing stories. God has given us enough information to start with. The moon moves up and down and orbits earth. When it reaches the 4th sky, this is hard to reach but in your dreams. When it’s close, earth boundaries prevents us from going there. So why don’t we wake up and find another political strategy to gain power?

If the European space agency decides to prove that its impossible to reach the moon, this will provide a strength and a respect more than saying “we went to moon”. The smell of the moon landing lie by the US and China is spreading everywhere. Prove the lie and you will dominate. If you prove their lies, Russia will do the same and China will pull back and the US will remain the idiot of all times.

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