Jobs and activities

Mohammed Mohanna is a lecturer of media and communication at King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. He has served on the board of many corporations. In 2005, he worked with Halwani Brothers in the IT department as a software programmer and systems analyst. He was part of the implementation team of the Balanced scorecard. His major role was to map between the Halwani business modular and the system in addition to project planning.
In 2007, He worked as a video instructor at the Media Arts Center San Diego (MACSD) Teen Producers Project, an after school video production and education training program working to produce a short documentary about the lives of Somali refugees living in San Diego, CA. in 2008, he joined the Aura Imaging Systems in Redwood City, CA to set up Biofeedback systems and worked there as a hardware programmer.
In 2010, he joined Made In Saudi Films, a local film production house in Saudi Arabia . He Has handled various projects and worked as a creative content developer, Camera Operator, and assistant director.
One of his main intrests which explains his area of specialization is the creation of Biofeedback systems and installations to produce arts for the purpose of entertainment and learning. Systems that integrate the knowledge of computing and other applied sciences with their reason for existence within the social science field. Projects were held at Callifornia State University and the University of York.
Mr. Mohanna holds a B.S of Science in Computer Science and an MA of Arts in Multimedia.

academic profile : Mohammed Mohanna: lecturer of media and communication , 19-3-2015

 halwani bros co “” , IT dept

 SDMAC , Teen Producers Project,2015

 Latino film festival, San Diego Latino Art, culture, and cinema Film, 2007

 Aura Imaging Systems, Guy Coggins’s biofeedback system, 2019

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