A call for war

There will never be peace. This New Zealand incident is a call for war. If I am peaceful, not every Muslim is. If I understand my religion perfectly, not every Muslim does. Aggression will face aggression. A fire starter will never face water, but always a bigger fire. So, this depends on actions taken towards this, and let’s see what the media will say about it.

May water bring the balance to life!

May water and fire rule the world!

An interesting question is to understand who is the real criminal behind all of this. What happened in New Zealand is nothing but a reflection to what is in the hearts. Certain governments and activists blame ‘ a religion ‘ for some terrorist attacks that has no relationship to the roots of Islam whatsoever. These groups did force the idea that Islam was the reason for all past attacks that happened by individuals that are way far from understanding the concept of Islam. They blamed Muslims for 9/11 while courts recently proved that Bin Ladin and others were innocent. Why not looking at your actions first? Why not admitting the affiliation of the US government in the disaster of 9/11? Be responsible for what you say, and understand that there are always consequences.

It’s really bad to attack a race or a religion, but as respond of what was written in the shooter’s gun, let’s go back into history by asking some simple questions

German Muslim scholar replies on TERRORISM  by asking the following questions:

Who started the first world war? not Muslims

Who started the second world war ? not Muslims

Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? not Muslims

Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? not Muslims

Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? not Muslims

Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? not Muslims

Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and were thrown in Atlantic ocean ? not Muslims

Who established the KKK movement?

No , NOT Muslims!!!

First of all, You have

to define terrorism properly…

If a non-Muslim does something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same..he is a terrorist…

So first let’s remove this double standard…


Why don’t Muslims talk about Christian extremism and their relationship with ending the life of the others? Because we know that they are  fundamentally incorrect and this is not a reflection of a belief.  They go by the name of Christianity, and they are Christians, but not the followers of Jesus. They kill your people, and then the public demand that you don’t defend your own. Idiots tell you to keep calm because the point is to drag you into this race war. Well, history keeps repeating and if it’s the first time, we would take a different approach. As for now, be water my friend because somehow a bigger fire will be launched soon. As mentioned earlier, if I am peaceful, not every Muslim is. If I understand Islam, not every Muslim does. So, expect a bomb on some innocent Christians. I hope it does not happen, but you CANT blame Islam if it happens. Do you understand? Blame the one mind who thought of revenge by killing random people.

here is a fast respond and let the game begin.


So to get my point. If the killer in the Utrecht shooting  is a Muslim, Do NOT blame Islam for this. Blame the person involved, Blame the Australian gang.



Do you listen? Fire will not face water. However, water is one element that creates fire. Many are seeking to see egg man, and associates dead. If you are thinking they are not part of the crime, think twice.  Erdogan is fire and he is a monster. If you don’t destroy his Othman dream, he will bring back the dark ages to life. If you manage to take him out, this will create another disaster for you. We said that this New Zealand incident is a call for war, and indeed it is. So you can NOT blame Erdogan for his actions even if it resembles hate and anger, blame the Australian government. You should investigate in their integrity anyways.  Be water my friend! 






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