Relativity is NOT



Mankind did witness a great progress and achievements in the world of science. This is a true statement only if we agree that not every science is successful or even correct. We need to know that all the science we know is inherited through an accumulative knowledge of mankind. The knowledge is whether learned through prophets, or just through different civilizations or eras. For example, we learned to build ships from Noah, and Noah learned from the creator. The F16 was designed based on an ancient bird statue from the era of the pharaohs. We did a great achievement in the field of engineering and construction. Medicine is okay as well regardless to some areas that we couldn’t figure out. Astronomy and physics are still in their early stages after they were great. Let’s sum, do you believe in quantum physics? You can’t believe in quantum physics if you believe in gravity and relatively. It’s simple and science tells us they contradict. So what are we going to do 5 years from now? Am I saying a joke? Or making science a joke? Or it’s just the people?

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