The Bible says Earth is Flat

We all know that the Holy books are here to guid us and show us the right path. Tell us what to do everyday and let us understand the things we can’t understand. Those friends who say that the Bible never mentioned that Earth Is Flat. Perhaps the Hebrew translation may provide a better perception for you as the words are more clear.  Words do matter indeed, and especially in the Bible. Now what a firmament is? It is not the air. Perhaps the celestial sphere, the empyrean, the welkin. It’s this ball that made you think earth is a ball, but put in mind that the meaning includes the land, water and air of the earth and this makes the ball. However, the Bible states clearly the edges story and “the spread out” which is an incorrect translation. You can find this same translation in the English version of the Quran. Muslim scholars did copy this same incorrect definition of the earth, and interpreted it for the Quran somehow. Those were new age scholars who had this opinion and left the direct exact words of God.

And here are some links that explain this

The Bible 1

All the holy books

The Bible 2

Soon we will provide our own topics to explain the verses from the Bible as we did with the Quran

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