Puppets of the Government

Forcing the idea that we are going to Mars can’t last for too long. We did not land on the moon. Earth is a closed system. No need for a scientific assumption as God stated how the system works in his books. You talk about peace? Let’s tell a little story about peace. All this war that you see is a war of religion and control. The earth system is one of the common things that all the holy books agreed on. If an idiot who worshiped the sun like copernicus managed to convince the church about Heliocentrism, do you think that we are not able to convince them from the angle we think from? Think twice. Let’s ask a question that relates to all of this. Why did Elon Musk say that he does not support all Tesla’s ideas while he is the CEO of the TESLA company? And supported the ideas of a criminal called Edison? Think about that and about its relation to the shape of the earth and Space X

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