The long sleep

In the deep of a sleep, a spirit leaves and that we can’t keep. The spirit travels to the world of unknowing to collect the feed, Only God decides who to keep. Death is not an option so make sure you die after collecting a good uncountable deeds

In a deep sleep, a human becomes weak, a playground for the devils to seek. Strong Believers don’t need to freak, guardians will show you the path to follow, a body can be hollow, make sure that you follow, that’s wisdom after sorrow

God bless the dead, but who is awake? Everyone is asleep. Life comes after death and death comes after life, and eventually resurrection is an ultimate fate that many don’t fear. During life, you don’t know who will be awake after a long sleep, and that relates to the story of the cave that we dream. Life is on the repeat. A translation of what God said we believe: 11. Then We draw (a veil) over their ears, for a number of years, in the Cave, (so that they heard not):

The first element of creation was made by a word from God, the people of physics are the cause of the word retard. The world through sound can put evil into the ground, thus, it became a forbidden science that the public won’t understand. Developing frequencies is a knowledge to keep, this helps to raise the sheep, raise and shine

People has no fate, and believing in God became an obvious mistake, Satan is happy to reveal his faith. God protected his believers from and extreme torture he commanded his soldiers to make, I know that is not easy to take, but God did protect his believers, or the soldiers of tomorrow he makes, for a promised new world ruled by one faith. Earth will be ruled by his law through the eyes of his believers the soldiers he creates

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