Positivity and Negativity

Positivity and Negativity

There are two important aspects that must be distinguished for the efforts to understand positivity: the content and the way of delivery

In terms of the way of delivery, the positive energy is a must. In most situations, a smile from the talker is the key to determine the reaction from the person receiving the information. The level of acceptance is indeed affected by power of connecting the body language, facial expression, and eyes to the heart. Remember that fake smiles and eyes are determined from first sight to most experienced people, and spontaneity and intentions are eventually what makes your statement valuable.

However, this may not be implemented correctly through the digital platforms. Text has no emotions so what’s left there is content. Your perception is the only aspect that determines the positivity of the content. Some see your positive as negative, others see your negative positive. This is not a general rule but it applies to many subject. Subjects such as politics and religion, or any debatable subjects. People should be open to different discussions regarding these genres as your right might be wrong, or my wrong might be right, accordingly. In sum, the way you judge a text is nothing a reflection of who you are.

What is wrong? Is it a good thing if we want to see it from a different angle? is it a solid way of learning?

It’s even easy to prove that wrong can be positive so how can people judge instantly?

It’s exactly like when someone knows that you might get killed, and he knows the killer, and how he plans to kill you. That someone comes to you trying to provide protection and advice. You assume that this someone is crazy. It happened that the killer approached you, and in the very last minute before you die, you did regret not listening to the advice, but believed that life is strange, and no such thing called positivity and negativity.

Don’t let’s that happen to you and it’s never too late. Governments aim to kill the people.

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