Some military tactics

A recruiter from the US Army approached me back in 2008/09. The interview for becoming a US soldier, a secret intelligence officer in a base in the East. A two year service for the army then you get all the benefits that you can imagine. The interview took place in SAN JOSE. They wanted me to apply these intelligence against terror and terrorists which happened that they were a Muslim group. In other words, they want a US Muslim soldier to fight against a Muslim terrorist. I don’t claim that they are right, nor wrong as sometimes, it happens that terrorists use the name “Islam” to gain respect, or the enemies of religion may associate the word Islam to terror. Islam or even Christianity are so innocent from all of this.

I lived with an X Vietnam US soldier for a while, and discussed this whole experience with him. This is my first time to write down what was learnt from this, as there is a cause.

Despite the fact of my rejection to the whole idea from the beginning, I did complete all the procedures until the last minute. The purpose was to the study the recruiter and the application, so we can understand the life of a US soldier much better.

The mistake that the army did, they hire unprofessional recruiters who are easy to read. The recruiter was an Indian carrying a US passport. We understand the Indian culture and we used different emotional intelligence techniques to bring the recruiter off topic. It worked, then the analysis regarding the application, I say it wen successfully.

We learned that it’s wrong to state you purpose regarding a question. Your question must appear as it’s irrelevant to your question.

We learned that emotional intelligence are more important than any other kinds of intelligence and therefore it’s a must to kill all the soldiers emotionally

We learned that the real test is within the body language and how much time you spend to think for an answer, putting into consideration the movement of the eye.

We learned that this recruitment was never a random pick, as the monitoring level is higher than what you think

There a plenty of things we have learned and we are thankful for this. We expect appreciation for this

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