History is repeated in a relative way

Movie brain washing actually turned back on the government and Trump convinced himself and others that America can go against the EU, North Korea, and others. Russia and China on the other side waiting to backfire in Syria. In the final round of this coming war, Muslims will rise again from there, with the greatest victory with their allies, and may the evil defeated. Trust me on this, it is written in the Quran!

Be clean

Some wash their hands with water, others wash it with blood that looks like water. Three things to look at: they are too smart to fool you, you are afraid of power, or you are one of them. If you chose to be like this, put your head down. However, I know that most people, deeper in their heart, there is a light to shine. So stand up for this and know that happiness is achieved when you follow the truth!

American news are fake news, and politics are evil

A nice article by Time, talking about 9/11 and the insecurity caused by Trump. Few points made me think to discuss something new. The term “Jihadist terrorist “ , using it is an indicator of some misunderstanding, or ignorance. The term Jihad in Islam does not mean fight, kill, or go to war. The real definition is all over the internet. Don’t chose according to what benefit you. Know what is correct and what is not. The second thing, who created ISIS?

Here is an article by the Daily Mail. How ironic to know that the whole 9/11 plan was actually by the US government and affiliates. Then Trump comes with his big role, deals to end America,, refers to enemy as “radical Islamic terrorist”. Let us ask this question, put yourself in our shoe, do you accept if we say Christian terror? How racist, ignorant, evil, and idiotic is what you talk about. What if we call the one who said this a pig?

Here is an article from BBC news talking about 9/11. Words are chosen carefully and a professional level that we give all the respect. The same news from the Daily Mail made some aggression in our hearts and allowed us to call Trump as pig because my religion was insulted. Choosing terms like Jihadi attackers, Islamic terrorists and such is an indicator of ignorance, racism and bad intentions. Simply a terrorist is not a Muslim, or maybe a bad Muslim that does not follow the roles of Islam. Exactly like a Christian serial killer. Look at the words chosen by the BBC editors: foreign attack, hijackers and no religion mentioned in any line. What do you call this? A news to read. Learn from the British!

May Obama provide a complete story of the history of ISIS. You can also read from the Zionist protocols, translated in French, Arabic, and German. Original publication was made in Britain in English. It does not say ISIS by word but the purposes and reasons are explained clearly!

Most of us don’t like politics. In fact the politics of today is nothing but a game of chess, by evil players, resulting to harm innocent victims. However, the game is played in a clever way so people don’t feel the trouble they are in. We look around and see nothing is happening, but the truth is, they are killing you slowly, and of course this will lead to their end without them knowing. Manufacturing bad food to shorten your life, making marriage a difficult task, abortion, killing Christianity and offending Islam, lies, lies and more lies, the war everywhere. For what all of that? For few rats? Power? Ask your self, if they did that, why in the world I can not do better and stop them. It is just a twist in the mind to know that everything is possible.

The triangulation of power

Understand that we are not created equally, and each is made for a different purpose in life. Some are made to become examples, others are made to turn the wheel. Few are made for both reasons. So if someone around you, keeps saying big words, talking about changing the world or such, know that he or she might be born and created for that reason. Or to become an example for you to learn something. Many people do that talk too, but not everyone is real. Those who own these big words, indeed they can’t understand, or talk the tiny words that others may say. Each is important, and a must so the machine can work. So these big words, if there is no reasons behind them, then the one who is saying them is an idiot. No one says a dangerous talk, until he is sure of the consciousness, with a plan in mind. No one says anything to the public unless there is a reason behind that. The illuminati claimed that they own the triangle that sees everything, god has created his soldiers on the land with the same triangle, but with three eyes instead. Each is created for a reason. So you learn form this that you need to mind your own business, or share your thoughts with love!

Earth belongs to?

Once upon a time, a wise native american told me: we shall remain with passiveness until complete wilderness is back to America, then we rise again. A man of faith and true wisdom. You can read the truth in his eyes, and indeed no option is left but to believe his words. The Quran says that a star will hit the earth and a smoke will spread to punish the people of no faith. We don’t know where and when, but it can be tomorrow, or after tomorrow. And indeed it will hit where the source of sins is generated. The only way to survive is to believe no one but god, no son and no father. Choose the religion you like, they all share this same fact. Read well and this means don’t read translations, and pick you resources wisely. We need to understand that the whole earth including every land in it, belongs to the one who created it. He grants, gives, and takes. You narrow your thinking to exclude people form their land, or you treat them like minorities, and for this, the turn will come to you. Indians and Latinos understand this very well. So believe in stopping your government before we see a colonized America

Evil of the world

This family, the one that controls America, you need to burn them before they burn you. You do this by withdrawing all your money from their banks. Before they kill the dollar then you will cry!

In the holy Quran, there is an example for everything that happened, never happened, or will happen. Reading the Quran is a free invitation to gain real wisdom. Know that history is always repeated in relative way. The example of the Rothschild family in the Quran is explained in the story of Qarun. Want to know what may happen, read the full story in the Quran.

A great example of Trump is explained in Al Masad 111:1. God created Trump with this red orange looking face 🍊, so we know that with his appearance, major events will happen in the near future. A civilisation will rise, another will fall. History is repeated in a relative way as the coming wars were pictured in Surat Al room 30:1

And after all, the verse above explains it all .

Wake up America

The revolution in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and mass destruction in Iraq and Syria, all of that is nothing but a part of an older plan by the evil of the world. They know that such an area with one religion and one speaking language, may rule the whole world. They think all is running accordingly, not knowing that god is watching. Imagine one family caused all of this. One family that controls 60% of the US government. Their concept of being a royal blood means spreading poisons of food to you, and killing more people to free earth for them. They funded war world 1 and 2 and they are now preparing for the 3rd one. Isn’t the US government so evil? A corrupted system that needs immediate replacement. It’s not your call, it’s your last call before it is too late. It is about time to see an American revolution. Imagine a president like Bill Gates. Such a personality will reject the offer, but his mentality is what you need. No more puppets, liars, idiots and criminals. You have the brain and wake up. Stand up for your right, sing that song😳

The star is not their star

The Star of David represents a special power and authority given by god. Even babies can notice the kind of power granted by this star. The people of Israel used to be the selected ones who granted the power of this star in the era of David and Solomon, but not any more. There is no relationship between this star and the Israel of today whatsoever. There is no relationship between the Judaism of today with the original one. If Israel still claim that they own the star, let them show us what it can do, exclude the voodoo they do because that is not related to the star. The books say, there will be a man who will gain the access to this star again, when he shows up, Jerusalem will become under the religion of this man. As for now, Israel should find a different flag, something with a skull at least. This voodoo they do, in case you don’t know, is the reason behind inventing the term “the greys”, aliens from space, to miss lead the people about what is called Jinn, and to hide their power of magic. Again Look at NASA and their statements to notice the evil within them 🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲

A space oddity – part 2

The accumulated knowledge through time is what made the human intelligence. Noticeably, the last century witnessed a drop in the development of our understanding of the surroundings. We are two steps back heading towards idiocracy. With such crisis, blesses come from the sky to enlighten mankind. To remind the people of the existence of god and to ensure that we all understand that he is the one and only, with no father and no sun. He plants the seed in few of his selected people to make them as an example for all. NASA Claims that earth is a globe, and many believed this theory. After all, It is just a theory with no proof what so ever. Indeed it is none sense to say that the earth is flat like a CD -ROM, it is a dome indeed which all what NASA is saying applies to this. What is hidden is that the earth has edges and there is nothing underneath. The Quran mentioned that the earth has edges that are narrowed which means that it is flat from the center with curves near the edges.

The matter is all about ethics and values. Knowledge and information, if not produced from a trusted source, then it is excluded. Indeed an agency such as NASA must have lost its credibility because of its affiliation with evil authorities. We all aware that the power of money, authority and media, can fix everything. People are not idiots any more. However, I feel sorry for the innocents who became faithless puppets following whatever the devil is telling them. The devil who legalised gay marriage, abortion, and excluded religion from schools. We must respect all theories about earth indeed. What is more important is to see what our holy books are telling us. The holy Quran did mention everything and anything that we know or don’t know. From the shape of the earth, to the creation of the universe or even the gates of the sky and the way they can be accessed. With his wisdom, not everyone can see what is within the Quran unless a hard  work is done with a pure heart. He does not want us to be dependent too. The old scripture, the bible, in the religion of Christianity and Judaism, explained that earth is not a globe. Richard E Byrd, a trusted explorer, American naval officer who scanned Antarctica for several years, revealed that earth has edges. A word from him equals a 1000 words from NASA’s none sense. Neil Degrassi also stated that the planet earth looks tike a pearl.  Ask yourself, how come the united nation did not change their logo which is based on the old flat earth structure? What happened with NASA is that they shot earth from top which will look like a globe. Know that the distance between earth and the ozone layer is by itself can be called as space, a very long distance that most space stations fly within it. That is the boundary and no one can cross that unless a permission is granted from the creator. This tiny information is stated clearly in the Holy Quran. Therefore, the first person who will provide the truth about all of this is a believer  and a space boy. A person who believed in judgment day and believed that god has no father and no son. Think this, if the creator who created all of this wanted to tell someone the truth about all of this, it can happen within a blink of an eye with no technology and without a spaceship.

I want to love NASA and believe in what stories they release through their beloved news channels, but the more I read about their space experiments, we find more lies. Buzz Aldrin, an X NASA astronaut and an Air Force pilot, admitted that the whole moon travel is a lie, and never happened. The BBC produced a full documentary to prove that this was a lie. Read the Holy Quran and the Bible and notice the contradictions in NASA’s projects. Indeed NASA has produced great projects and has great and loyal people, but the fact that it is a US military weapon, people should be aware of what weapons that NASA is creating before they destroy humanity. If you are a believer, no matter what religion, you should have heard about the beast(Dajal), a king who teleports and controls the weather. In case you don’t know how he will control the weather, it is basically through a NASA technology called HAARP. HAARP technologies are worst than a nuclear weapon. All of this is just wrong!



Little boy worshipped as god

Here is this boy with a gifted power, worshipped as god. A culture that inherited their beliefs over the years, and insisted to do so.  The ignorance about the creation of the universe, the laws of god is indeed the key that derives the people the worship one of god’s creations, whether a person or a element such as fire.  As this Indian village lacks knowledge and awareness, they can’t be blamed until a guidance is revealed for them.

People need to understand that they can not warship a person who lives on earth, dies on earth, and knows none about the process of creations. The creator  is capable of creating all sorts of things and different kinds of humans. Humans with super powers and miracles are created for a wisdom and reasons that we might not understand. So ask yourself, who created earth and the skys?  If you still seek for the truth, ask the creator to reveal it for you.