Arts and Religion

Art is message but can’t be delivered correctly throughout everyone. Art should base its core on saying the truth in a manipulative way. As people sometimes can’t handle the facts as dry as they are. Art is a message of the loyal artist who speaks the truth. An artist is a person who did not get the chance to express like other humans, not your usual person that you see in every corner. Art is not a way of living, but is a venting that express a tragedy in a unique visual way. Or perhaps by sound. Manipulation is a dangerous act, and if we negatively base our manipulative art on a lie, a credibility will be lost over time. For example, NASA’s CGI. Technically there is a deep relationship between arts and lies. However, this does not change the fact that there are noble arts that aimed to change the world and it did. Arts and science, if real, they shouldn’t contradict with religion.

Stephen King is a genius. One of his best art works is IT the clown. IT is a cause of all the insecurities that a 90s child may experience. Why? This goes back to source that inspired the director to professionally project an unknown reality to the people.

Indeed IT is unknown who he is, but he is real. Maybe the children did know about all of this, but their heart tells them that this can be happen. Well, it is real in way. The creative manipulation that aimed to combine three real stories is what made the reality of IT, a reality of fiction and there will never be any differences between reality and imagination. The clown is a freak who aims to kill the innocents as a result of his failure to satisfy the king. This is the reality of the clown.

These clowns would eventually evolve into the court jesters of medieval Europe, who “would openly mock sex, food, drink, and the monarchy, all while behaving maniacally for a laugh.” The earliest documented clowns go back to ancient Egypt, some time around 2500 to 2400 BCE. late 1800s, clowns had become a staple in circuses. French literary critic Edmond de Congourt said of them in 1876, “The clown’s art is now rather terrifying and full of anxiety and apprehension, their suicidal feats, their monstrous gesticulations and frenzied mimicry remind one of the courtyard of a lunatic asylum.”. So what else is real in IT. The stories from the holy books. The visit to the cave to see a giant spider that had a demon inside it. Or another visit to the cave that is originally is a house of the devil. All of this is real. Yes, but in religion the spider was a snake. What else? Don’t you see that IT is exactly a resemblance of the beast (666) ? at least in some readings, he is a devil in the body of a human who can teleport and disappear. It’s impossible that holy books did not help in the inspiration of the IT story

The movie CLOWN is another perfect example for the fact the explains how devils and demons can live inside a corpse, or even a living human. According to some religious groups, this is how the beast will form.

This story is even closer to the reality of the beast as it linked the cause of this transformation to some sort of ancient magic.

Understand that this is an Art and it goes under the word entertainment. However, no doubt that films play a bigger role in programming the minds.

So this might not project who exactly the beast is but it might provide a good inspiration that enables you to attach a great image of imagination while you read the beast stories in the religion books

The idea of teleportation in Doctor Strange has nothing to do with any creative idea invented by mankind. The purpose behind relating films to religion relies on reminding people of their origins, a reminder to know that all what we are doing came from the books of God. Even if the narration is different, the source of the idea remains the same. The good man who gained the knowledge of the book, the one who brought the throne to King Solomon, is the equivalent story of teleportation in Doctor Strange. Identical to a point that the film emphasized that this teleportation is a knowledge from an ancient book

Stanley Kubrick is one good question mark. A brilliant director who successfully managed to direct the mind of the audience to follow his thoughts. Despite the fact that he admitted his involvement in the production of the Hollywood moon landing, a great cover up of the truth was followed by his statement. Why do we have many space movies? Hundreds of years ago, the Jews used to say, if Mohammed did it, we can do it. Regardless the consideration that this was a miracle so the people believe in his prophecy. The idea kept escalating, and Jews kept writing poetry about “going to the sky”, while back then Mohammed explained how the sky has gates and guards, another life for different creations full of water and rivers, then it was called space just to go against the prophet. Perhaps you don’t know this simple fact, but that was the motivation of going to ‘space’ in the first place. Later it was found that acting that we went to space provide power and control. So, it got supported by media, fake science, and money. The fact tells us that earth is a closed system and all what we see from rockets and crafts in the sky, it’s all within the earth boundaries

Thor is another character that resembles the saviors from the sky. Or the heavens. Muslim scholars and Rabies agreed that Adam went down from the heavens with four things with him. One of them is a metallic hammer. Exactly like Thor. Although I totally disagree with this hammer story, but it’s stated in most religion books.

God stated that Iron came down from the sky and did not mention Adam in that story, but it was generalized. The story of Thor indicates that there will be a savior who comes from the sky. Jesus is in the sky and he is the last guardian of the galaxy. When he is back, the cross will put down, the beast will get killed, peace will spread. He will follow the path of Mohammed. He was and remained as a Muslim.

ET is a movie of love. Aliens don’t exist. However, ET was the closest to what is called “Jinn”, creatures that live with us on earth. Like genie is one of them. Jinn have different kinds and this ET is perhaps one of these kinds. As few stated, they are short and nothing closer to the characteristics of the grays. The reason of not exposing their existence is the limited knowledge about them. Also, the Jews knew much more about magic since the era of king Solomon, thus, they hide the truth of the existence of the Jinn as they see magic as power. God mentioned that people haven’t witnessed their creation and the creation of earth and the sky. No one knows what is in the sky. No one is allowed to know except for those who had the bless. So from where did the fiction of the greys come from? People are wondering about Area 51. Captain America is an idiot. Printing the idea of the American superhero in the head aims to grab more in innocent young American soldiers to the army so they kill more innocents for protecting America from those who did not do anything to them, so innocents become criminals and criminals become heroes and they call America a great nation but forgot that nothing last forever. So, who is captain America? He is someone who was trapped in the Ice then, delivered in to a research facility that belongs to the army, to become a weapon with super powers. That’s what they do in this Area 51. They experiment on people. Here is the truth

Finally, the clock work orange is the example that tells us, what you do is what you get. A true message that keeps repeating in the books of religion

Banning Flat earth content

In the case of banning flat earth content, note that this decision contradicts with the freedom of speech a brings many questions and doubts about the intentions.


What’s in the media is not like what’s in the reports and documentations. The government knows this by heart and if they are responsible for this decision, wisely they should pull it back, or if it’s a decision through the tech companies, the government should command them to pull back.


THIS IS A LOSING CASE FOR THOSE WHO BANNED FLAT EARTH CONTENT. IMAGINE THIS GOES TO COURT? Not because flat erathers are right, it’s because the law is clear.


Plus, many government documentations prove that there are questions about the shape of the earth.


We do share YouTube videos about flat earth. We had (my group) almost 10 YouTube channels. Two of them were blocked last year. We do not offend anyone but we do the correct interpretation of what’s in the Quran and the Bible.


As the shape of earth, skies and the heavens were described clearly in the holy books, with no contradictions whatsoever, there must be a reason that they are mentioned there right? And that is to believe in God’s words.

Albert Einstein Quotes About Religion and Science

Atheists and rigid scientists say that the separation between science and religion is must as religion is not a science book. Well, this is a new conclusion to mankind has no roots. God, the one who created earth, and created the humans, is the only one capable of describing the things we can’t understand such as the creation of 7 earths and the 7 skies. Accept our apology if we say that this separation is ignorance.


We also talk about the Flat Earth that came from the Hebrew translations too.



what a firmament is? It is not the air. Perhaps the celestial sphere, the empyrean, the welkin. It’s this ball that made you think earth is a ball, but put in mind that the meaning includes the land, water and air of the earth and this makes the ball.



However, the Bible states clearly the edges story and “the spread out” which is an incorrect translation. You can find this same translation in the English version of the Quran. Muslim scholars did copy this same incorrect definition of the earth, and interpreted it for the Quran somehow. Those were new age scholars who had this opinion and left the direct exact words of God.

so what brought the concept of Heliocentrism to the world except the ritual of solar deity?


And why can’t we accept that people make mistakes and not every theory is correct?




And here are some links that explain this

The Bible 1

All the holy books

The Bible 2


If you block videos that talk about religious beliefs that don’t harm, we will consider this as an insult to religion and a block of the truth. WITH THIS, YOU ARE PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM PRACTICING RELIGION, AND STOPPING THEM TO SPREAD THEIR BELIEFS.



We study the law carefully unlike the acts of ban appearing lately. Proton mail which is an encrypted mail service by CERN, are aware of better laws of the internet that Google and Facebook don’t. Their system is connected to a certain court which will limit the capabilities of the end user to claim against them. YouTube and Facebook don’t have that and there is a massive number of flatearthers who can claim claim against the ban in different courts from different areas of the world. So, the challenge for you is: can you stop the truth from spreading ?





Relativity is NOT



Mankind did witness a great progress and achievements in the world of science. This is a true statement only if we agree that not every science is successful or even correct. We need to know that all the science we know is inherited through an accumulative knowledge of mankind. The knowledge is whether learned through prophets, or just through different civilizations or eras. For example, we learned to build ships from Noah, and Noah learned from the creator. The F16 was designed based on an ancient bird statue from the era of the pharaohs. We did a great achievement in the field of engineering and construction. Medicine is okay as well regardless to some areas that we couldn’t figure out. Astronomy and physics are still in their early stages after they were great. Let’s sum, do you believe in quantum physics? You can’t believe in quantum physics if you believe in gravity and relatively. It’s simple and science tells us they contradict. So what are we going to do 5 years from now? Am I saying a joke? Or making science a joke? Or it’s just the people?

Space Time or Space Jam?

One major drawback for the quality of science is the rise of the pop culture. Modernity and postmodernism were the key elements to generate a generation of minions. The art movement in general was nothing but a way to kill the philosophy of metaphysics and general physics. Art is nice way to say lie. Art is the creation of an illusion that usually manipulates from reality. Maybe it is right to say it’s a lie in an artistic way, but we should exclude the arts with value that expresses the imaginations that reflect peaceful messages. This intro is made as we are about to discuss one of the greatest art pieces that we witnessed in history. We are taking about space time and relativity.

To prove that the mass calculations used in the law of relativity is correct, we need to witness a live trusted experiment within the earth field.  Scientists know that the giving constant values, if applied to faraway planets or stars, this may provide an incorrect calculations that may minimise  a large planet to the size of a tennis ball. So, mass unit was enhanced lately and the kilogram was redefined, but in fact Planck constant is still a deeper problem. I challenge the best scientists on earth to prove the opposite. So, we demand that scientists may consider a serious live experiment on various mass and relativity equations and have the exposed to the world, made within the field of earth. If not possible, why not focusing on what we good at? on creating music and sci-fi movies?

The black hole is 55 million light years away from us. This means it’s even way higher than heave. You can’t think horizontally with this concept as the sky is not wide enough for a distant of 650,000 km earth years. As heavens are around 50000 earth years away from us and that’s a fact, and between each sky there is an estimate of 24 light seconds. How in the world your number was assigned?

The breakthrough image of the black hole was captured by the Event Horizon telescope (EHT), a network of eight radio telescopes spanning locations from Antarctica to Spain and Chile, involving more than 200 scientists.

So if Earth is a spinning ball, and it rotates around the sun, and sun swims in the galaxy at a certain speed. Please explain how this photo was taken again? And with eight telescopes? Think about reaching the object considering time, and relocation!

Earth is flat. It’s what they say!

The United Nation’s logo explains the shape of the earth, and the map in their logo, is what we use in everything.



CIA Documents referring to a FLAT EARTH

Page #19: “firmament”

Page #20: “near-sun,” “flat earth,” and “firmament”

Page #32: Correlation established between earthquakes and light effects

 Diagram reveals Flat Earth Universe model!!

The government knows the earth is FLAT!


Here is the link to the document















إنحناء الماء

إنحناء الماء ما بين التجارب العلمية والخيال 💦🌊

يعلم الكثير من الناس في هذا القرن الواحد والعشرين  بأن كروية الأرض حقيقة تعلمناها في المناهج الدراسية منذ نعومة أظفارنا   وأصبحت من الحقائق العلمية التي لا تحمل مجالا للشك ، ولن أتطرق للحديث عن شكل الأرض او ماهيتها لأن الأجسام الصلبة علميا يمكنها أن تتشكل على أي شكل كان وتظل ثابتة .

ولكن ما يثير الريبة والشك فعلا هو (إنحناء الماء ) وهذا هو السؤال الذي حيرني فعلا !!،،وقد درسنا خصائص الماء وتركيبها الكيميائي ولا يخفى حتى على عامة الناس وخصوصا طلبة العلم  تركيبة جزيئ الماء ،ناهيك عن العلماء .

ومن المعلوم أن  تركيبة جزيئ الماء التي تتشكل من ذرتين هيدوجين وذرة أكسجين  ترتبط ببعضها البعض بواسطة رابطة تساهمية ،

ويتشكل الماء  ككل عن طريق ترابط الجزيئات مع بعضها البعض بواسطة  الروابط الهيدروجينية ،

 وقوى الترابط بين الجزيئات الخارجية هي قوى الجذب أو التنافر التي تعمل بين الجسيمات المجاورة (ذرات ، جزيئات أو أيونات). فهي ضعيفة بالمقارنة مع قوة الترابط داخل الجزيء ، (القوى التي تبقي الجزيئات معا). على سبيل المثال،الرابطة التساهمية الموجودة في جزيئات حمض الهيدروكلوريك هو أقوى بكثير من القوى الموجودة بين الجزيئات المجاورة، والتي تكون عندها الجزيئات قريبة بما فيه الكفاية لبعضها البعض.

بعض التجارب الهامة:

تجربة التوتر السطحي  التي تحدث على سطح الماء وينحني بسببها،، و حواف الإناء أو الكوب وبعض التأثيرات بين جزيئات الماء هي العامل الأساسي الذي يتحكم فيها  ،،او قطرة الماء التي تحتوي على آلاف الجزيئات و التي ترتبط مع بعضها  في مساحة سطح صغيرة ،كل هذه الأمثلة لا تمثل إنحناء الماء الذي نعتقد أنه يحدث في البحار والمحيطات حول العالم .

الترابط الهيدروجيني  ( Hydrogen bonding )

والذي يربط جزيئات الماء مع بعضها البعض يستحيل معه أن ينحني “لتر واحد” من الماء على سطح صلب ،ناهيك عن مليارات الأطنان من مياه البحار والمحيطات ،والتي تنحني على سطح الأرض .

ويمكن لهذه الأطنان بسهولة مقاومة قوة جذب الأرض لها بسبب وزنها  وإنزلاق مليارات الجزئيات من الماء فوق بعضها لضعف الروابط الهيدروجينية بينها .

الروابط الهيدروجينية:

ترابطات قويّة نوعاً ما تربط بين ذرة الهيدروجين في جزيء قطبي مع ذرة ذات سالبية كهربية عالية في جزيء أخر . ومثال ذلك الترابط الهيدروجيني بين جزيئات الماء وتعتبر الرابطة الهيدروجينية “ضعيفة” مقارنة بالرابطة التساهمية .

وهذا النوع من القوى هو الذي يفسّر الارتفاع الكبير في درجة غليان الماء مقارنةً بدرجات غليان المركبات الهيدروجينية لعناصر المجموعة السادسة  . وهذه القوى  ( قوى الربط بين الجزيئات ) يطلق عليها بشكلٍ عام قوى فان دير وولس ( Van der Waals forces).

ويمكننا وصف الحالة السائلة للماء :

 عندما يتم تسخين الجليد فوق درجة التجمد فإنّ ذلك يؤدي إلى ذوبانه ليصبح ماءً سائلاً، وتصبح قوى الجذب بين جزيئاته ضعيفةً، حيث تبدأ جزيئات الماء بالتحرك، والانزلاق حول بعضها البعض، مما يجعل الماء السائل يأخذ شكل أي علبة يوضع فيها.

وكل هذه أدلة علمية مجربة على أرض الواقع ،تثبت قطعا أن الماء لا ينحني على سطح  صلب مائل مطلقا ،ما عدا التجارب التي ذكرناها آنفا.

السؤال : كيف تنحني مياه البحار والمحيطات على أرضنا ،وتحافظ على ثباتها ؟؟

الجاذبية قوتها معلومة ومحسوبه ،،وتأثيرها على الأجسام واضح ،،ولكن ضعف الروابط الهيدروجينية بين الجزيئات مقارنةبالتساهيمة بين الذرات ،يقلل من فرصة تماسك مليارات الجزيئات مع بعضها البعض خصوصا وأن الإنحناء ليس ضئيل ،،إذ يقدر الإنحناء ب8 إنش لكل ميل،، حيث ان محيط الأرض ،،25000 ميل . 

وعليه ،، بالتجربة العلمية ومع مقارنة قوة جذب الأرض للأجسام التي عليها (g) والمقدرة ب9.81 م/ث٢.

فإن إنحناء مياه البحار والمحيطات صعب يواجه تحدي كبير ،،وأرجو ان أجد جواب علمي أكثر تفصيلا..

“Reality Today”

الغازات النبيلة

هذة الغازات النبيلة التي تم اكتشافها الى الآن، لنتحدث بالعامية ونقول ان الأوكسجين اثقل من هذة الغازات ولهذا هو موجود في الأسفل لكي تنفس بطريقة صحيحة. العالم هو طاقة كهرومغناطيسية تمكن الأجسام سواء صلبه، سائله او حية مثل الإنس والجان بالتفاعل مع بعضها البعض. ولهذا تطير بالونات الهيليوم الى الأعلى لان كثافتها اقل. فكلما صعدنا الى الأعلى قل الأوكسجين وزادت هذة الغازات التي تُشعرنا كاننا نسبح لانها ترفعنا فالموضع ليس بموضوع جاذبية أبدا. واذا تحكم الإنسان في كثافته وخففها لتمكن من الطيران مثل الجان. من أسباب كروية الارض هو انحناء الماء وانجذابه نحو مركز الأرض. اجمع جميع علماء الأرض انه من الصعب جذب كل هذا الماء الذي يشكل سبعين في المئه من الارض. اذا استطاع اي عالم من العلماء إثبات انحناء الماء، ولن يستطيع، وان فعل هذا، لن نعيد النظر. احضر كوب من الماء وفكر كيف لي ان احني الماء؟ ثم احضر قاموس عربي وليكن لسان العرب وابحث عن كلمة دَحَاهَا لترى ان معناها بسطها وجعلها كالوعاء، والوعاء شبه في كتاب ابن منظور بعش النعام. واذا قالك احد الناس ان معناها بيضه ، قل له هذا غير صحيح.

اللعب مع الغازات النبيلة والليزر هذه بالونات هيليوم. اذا بتسأل لماذا لا تطير البالونات، هذا هيليوم صار له اربع ايّام تغيرت كثافته لكن حجم البالون لم يتغير

Earth belongs to?

Once upon a time, a wise native american told me: we shall remain with passiveness until complete wilderness is back to America, then we rise again. A man of faith and true wisdom. You can read the truth in his eyes, and indeed no option is left but to believe his words. The Quran says that a star will hit the earth and a smoke will spread to punish the people of no faith. We don’t know where and when, but it can be tomorrow, or after tomorrow. And indeed it will hit where the source of sins is generated. The only way to survive is to believe no one but god, no son and no father. Choose the religion you like, they all share this same fact. Read well and this means don’t read translations, and pick you resources wisely. We need to understand that the whole earth including every land in it, belongs to the one who created it. He grants, gives, and takes. You narrow your thinking to exclude people form their land, or you treat them like minorities, and for this, the turn will come to you. Indians and Latinos understand this very well. So believe in stopping your government before we see a colonized America

Visionary minds

They are granted to see a bigger picture than the ones we see, when their soul rise above, a message from Allah is captured. A bless to one, for all. An old joke says that if you want to do your PHD faster, do it in Mars. This exactly explains the life of those with visions. It’s not about doing your homework right but it’s a combination of twists in the mind!

A space oddity – part 2

The accumulated knowledge through time is what made the human intelligence. Noticeably, the last century witnessed a drop in the development of our understanding of the surroundings. We are two steps back heading towards idiocracy. With such crisis, blesses come from the sky to enlighten mankind. To remind the people of the existence of god and to ensure that we all understand that he is the one and only, with no father and no sun. He plants the seed in few of his selected people to make them as an example for all. NASA Claims that earth is a globe, and many believed this theory. After all, It is just a theory with no proof what so ever. Indeed it is none sense to force the idea that supports the flatness of the earth. However,  understanding the shape of the earth and the movements of stars are clearly a matter of faith.  What is hidden is that the earth has edges and is static.  The Quran and Bible described the shape of the earth and indicated its flatness and stability. What to believe  is the question? The answer believe in then in the one who created all of this. Isn’t this simple

The matter is all about ethics and values. Knowledge and information, if not produced from a trusted source, then it is excluded. Indeed an agency such as NASA must have lost its credibility because of its affiliation with evil authorities. We are all aware that the power of money, authority and media, can fix everything. People are not idiots any more. However, I feel sorry for the innocents who became faithless puppets following whatever the devil is telling them. The devil who legalised gay marriage, abortion, and excluded religion from schools. We must respect all theories about earth indeed. What is more important is to see what our holy books are telling us. The holy Quran did mention everything and anything that we know or don’t know. From the shape of the earth, to the creation of the universe or even the gates of the sky and the way they can be accessed. With his wisdom, not everyone can see what is within the Quran unless a hard  work is done with a pure heart. He does not want us to be dependent too. The old scripture, the bible, in the religion of Christianity and Judaism, explained that earth is not a globe. Richard E Byrd, a trusted explorer, American naval officer who scanned Antarctica for several years, revealed that earth has edges. A word from him equals a 1000 words from NASA’s none sense. Neil Degrassi also stated that the planet earth looks tike a pearl.  Ask yourself, how come the united nation did not change their logo which is based on the old flat earth structure? What happened with NASA is that they shot earth from top which will look like a globe. Know that the distance between earth and the sky is by itself can be called as space, a very long distance that space crafts can reach. This is the boundary and no one can cross that unless a permission is granted from the creator. this is a matter of the end of time mostly. This tiny information is stated clearly in the Holy Quran. Therefore, the first person who will provide the truth about all of this is a believer  and a space boy. A person who believed in judgment day and believed that god has no father and no son. Think this, if the creator who created all of this wanted to tell someone the truth about all of this, it can happen within a blink of an eye with no technology and without a spaceship. then look into gravity, god said that everything  is made by water. So how do we call space space and why we ignore electromagnetism.

I want to love NASA and believe in what stories they release through their beloved news channels, but the more I read about their space experiments, we find more lies. Buzz Aldrin, an X NASA astronaut and an Air Force pilot, admitted that the whole moon travel is a lie, and never happened. The BBC produced a full documentary to prove that this was a lie. Read the Holy Quran and the Bible and notice the contradictions in NASA’s projects. Indeed NASA has produced great projects and has great and loyal people, but the fact that it is a US military weapon, people should be aware of what weapons that NASA is creating before they destroy humanity. If you are a believer, no matter what religion, you should have heard about the beast(Dajal), a king who teleports and controls the weather. In case you don’t know how he will control the weather, it is basically through a NASA technology called HAARP. HAARP technologies are worst than a nuclear weapon. All of this is just wrong!