learning everything from nothingness



Coincidences do not exist. The fact of its existence in the dictionary shows our perfect misunderstanding and our incorrect perception of the universe. There is a time and a reason for everything. Everything is perfectly measured and calculated in a harmony that matches everything. The leaf will fall so it gives the opportunity to the birds to use the sticks and branches to build their homes.

We think things happen in coincidences because of our limited understanding of the future and because of the lack of our knowledge in religion. Lets think about  the causes and reasons of everything. Learning from nothingness is a bless!



Then you win


What makes a royal royal? What is a royal family? Is it the power and money that made this family? Blood?

We should all know that the earth belongs to the creator, and he assigns who will rule. Each land in it belongs to no one but him. His generosity gives the opportunity to various people to rule. The test for this is to know the good and the evil. What will they do with the power that they earned. Do they know that it can be taken from them in a second? In the movies and many other cases, the evil rules first because when they fail, a replacement of a better quality and values will always appear. This makes the story of the movie much more nicer and logical.  Those who will rule at the end are the people who speak the truth. The creator will always plant the truth in one of the good people. Neither the power nor the money will stop the truth from spreading.

Under the umbrella of the illuminati, we conclude the Zionists, the Masons, the corrupted governments from America to the Middle East and few other entities. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are just innocent from all of this. However, the influence is deep. These groups do nothing but destruction and worshiping the devil. Imagine your government is associated with this, what kind of a loyal citizen are you?

The summary


How do we see the signs that guides us to the correct path? The answer is by purity. We don’t see that with a focused mind, or a sensitive eye. We see it with a pure heart that knows who the creator is. The creator is the one and the only one who created everything. Has no son and no father. We follow him, then he leads us with his light.

The universe is full of signs. Worshiping the true creator makes us metaphysical by connecting our souls to the universe.   In the metaphysical world, we lie, a stone hits our head instantly, or we cut our finger while cooking, or sometimes we even hear a whisper telling us not to do this again. We do good, we get rewarded instantly, or we wait until a big reward comes after a hard time. We ask the creator, we know that he will answer. We work in the machine until we reach the creator in the heavens. Or we don’t reach him and go to hell. We pass or fail.  This is the purpose of  life on earth in case someone needs to know!

The world is sound

The universe is nothing but a group of frequencies. Everything has frequencies. Sound is one of the original sources of creation. Everything is sound. Water particles are reshaped by the frequencies of sound. Remember that our bodies contain 75% of water. So, we need to be carful of what we listen to frequently, and we should know the  frequency levels that run through our brain. What we listen to is a refection of our behaviors and attitudes. What we listen to is the energy that we produce.

الحاضر ليس بحاضر

يقول البعض انه من الواجب علينا ان نعيش في الحاضر ولانفكر في الماضي، ولكن السؤال كيف يتم اكتساب المعرفة؟  فإذا قرأت كتاب، قرأت هنا في الماضي، وتصبح معلومات الكتاب ذكريات لتستفيد منها في الحاضر والمستقبل. واذا تضع تركيزك في الحاضر،  فاعلم أن الحاضر يصبح من الماضي في ثواني، ويقال دائما، من يفكر لغد، فهو يخدم الحاضر والمستقبل

الكلام فعل ان اردت ذلك

من ظن ان الكلام فقط كلام ولا يهدف للوصول الى هدف ما، فهذة وجهة نظرة. ومن ظن ان الكلام وحدة هو الطريق للتغيير، فهذة وجهة
نظرة أيضا. ومن ظن انه من المستحيل ان بعض الأفكار والكلمات ان تتحول الى افعال، فهذا دليل على مدى انغلاق عقله. ومايقوله الانسان يحصل له واذا قاله مرارا وتكرارا فهو يبرمج اعضاءة المختلفة على فعل مايقول. ومن يحكم على مالايعنيه، فهذا سفيه. الانسان يفكر ويقدر ثم يظن انه يعلم ويفهم وفِي الحقيقة نحن لا نعلم شيء. هل تعلم ان بعض افعال البشر وكذلك اقوالهم ماهي الا وحي مِن عند الله؟ هل تعلم ان البعض مسير في كل فعل يفعله ماعدا بعض افعال العبودية، استبعد الأفعال اللتي تضر النفس

The power of the Quran


To make your imagination real, you need to believe in them. To believe in your imagination, you risk many things. You need to imagine whatever you want, but relate them to stories from the Holy Quran. Then, your imagination gets a special guidance which enlighten you on how to achieve your dream. Reading the Quran will guid you and make unbelievable things happen. Even if not everything you imagined happened, the greater value of all of this is the attempt to live and feel some verses from the Quran. To live and imaging some worthy  stories from the past is a bless that contains many lessons.  The Quran  is written for each one of you so live by it, or try to do the sane with the book of your religion❤️

The 666 of mind control

Achieving the great intersteller between the stars requires our civilisation to understand life differently, by eliminating those who are destructive, and developing  through a global unity. People should seek for the truth, NOT to run from it. Know that saying the truth theses days is becoming a revolution.  We are grateful for the achievements in science and technology, but ask yourself? is everything is said is true? is the intention to save humanity  or destroy it? if you have any doubts, I ask you why did we invent weapons of mass destruction, and other nuclear related destructive technologies? Not to discourage but to say think differently. Why there aren’t any space crafts lately ? just think that technology never stops, it only advances and evolves.

You cannot travel through time in big crafts with fuel, that is idiotic unless you aim to visit the rock next to earth, but will you across the sky gate as the earth layers are too hot and no space craft can handle it.  Perhaps you will be needing a gyroscopic device to be controlled mentally. Because of the differences in time, you may die in the middle of your journey if you don’t get to these short cuts.

So think, is that science that we learned in school is correct? Indeed this does not apply to every subject we learned but few ones such as astronomy. Its okay if the science we learned in school is incorrect because the goal there supposedly is to widen the thoughts and make children think differently. Unfortunately  the government  systems do not encourage  the idea of growing a generation of inventors.


In fact, the target of the educational system in some countries is only to block the children thoughts from the average development. A group of controlled minions is the best description for these innocent  children.


All these mathematical equations and theories that were discovered  are just brilliant and made by top scientists that we can’t even reach half of what they have accomplished, but no evidence on how accurate they are. The law of gravity for example, as few trusted American scholars stated, it is incorrect if you apply it to light years to calculate masses to measure distances between stars. It makes a star as small as a tennis ball!


We talk about certain companies and organisations in a negative way, this does not mean that they did not produce great works. Indeed they will, otherwise they will not gain trust and credibility. But who is controlling their ideas, inventions or content. Is that invention or content is made to cure humanity or to destroy it. For example, look at HAARP technologies and who invented it. Is it constructive or destructive? If you mess around with nature, God will cut you down!


So if HAARP technologies control the weather, then it is the tool that the beast (Al Dajal) will use for his evil cause. Just think, if that is true, then the US government is forming the army of the beast.  You still don’t want to believe that everything you heard is a lie?