Traveling to space is a story of faith

Here is a short story. We can’t leave earth. Unless we are blessed and permitted to do so. You can’t do this by science and power. You need this good relationship with the creator in order to do so. Traveling to the sky (space) is a story of faith. The one who created you and create this whole universe, said that sky gates will never be opened for non believers. Know that the ones who did this were mostly prophets. So it is sky gates and the sky wall (roof) will never be crossed. So why making yourself the idiot of the galaxy? There is a convincing scientific answer. However, answers from the holy books are more solid. Think twice on how satellites were made and where they are located.

Read instead


Film is a form of art. Art is an illusion. We follow what the director wants us to follow.  We can learn from some movies and also many can mislead. We usually watch movies just to enjoy them not knowing they imprint something back in the head without us noticing. Movies are the leftover of the post-modernistic ideocracy. Not everything we see in the movies is right, nor wrong. Some movies were just a support for the governments to enforce some false ideas such as space movies. Subliminal messages and programming our thoughts indirectly is indeed the ultimate goal. Movies made the term Omen related to demons and bad things while it is totally something else. Choose the movies you watch carefully and get inspired from what you see. What you see is what you get. Read instead and create your own illusions!